All ring procedures for the Novice class are practiced.  Emphasis is on attention and reliability.

Admission Criteria: This is for dogs who have successfully completed Subnovice or can demonstrate that they can:
* Heel on leash with reasonable attention doing standard heel patterns including change of pace and all the turns and sit promptly at all halts.
* Respond promptly to all commands to sit, down, back, finish and come regardless of the position of the handler.
* Heel on leash in a 30 feet circle without food or toys.
* Maintain a solid stand stay on leash while being examined by another person without feet movement or change in position.
* Maintain a sit stay for 2 minutes and down stay for 3 minutes with mild distractions present.

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Beg Novice - Tuesday 6:00 PM

Beginning/Intermediate Novice Class - January 14 - February 25 - Tuesdays @ 6:00 PM. All ring procedures for the Novice class are practiced. Emphasis...

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Adv Novice - Tuesday 7:00 PM

Advanced Novice Class - January 14 - February 25, Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM. All ring procedures and rules for Novice are practiced. Emphasis is on...

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