Beginner 2

Beginner Level 2

The Session 5 (September) Beginner 2 classes are Full

Emphasis is on developing more reliable responses to obedience commands under more distracting circumstances. This class could be for owners not interested in competition but who want a more reliable, confident dog that would be safe in most situations. However, owners who are interested in competing may want to enter this class if their dog is still fairly immature and needs more exposure to other dogs before he can calmly learn more advanced skills. A well-mannered, obedient companion is the goal of this class. Graduates will take the Canine Good Citizen exam after successfully completing the course.

Admission Criteria: Students who have received approval from their HVOC Beginner 1 instructors are eligible. Applicants who have taken a beginner obedience class outside of HVOC may ask to be reviewed for eligibility on the first night of class. General admission criteria are a dog that can walk nicely on a leash and respond to verbal commands to sit, down, come and stay without excessive physical manipulation. If the dog does not meet these criteria, then Beginner 1 might be more appropriate. Note: Any applicants who have not previously attended the two-hour orientation class for the Beginner 1 and Puppy class should attend this class before enrolling in the Beginner 2 class.

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